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The client came to me with 2 dresses that she loved the fabric but not the cut and design. And she did not want the traditional white wedding dress. She wanted something sexy, playful, and classic.  Taking on all the key elements of her aesthetic, I envisioned a flowing dress with a little flamenco flair and added the little flounce sleeve, open back, and high slit. 

After I design the dress I take her measurements and drape the first dress and transfer to flat pattern.

I then create the first muslin. This project was a little challenging as I had to take apart 2 dresses and decide how to lay the pattern pieces on the cut fabric. Remember, I'm not working freely as I wish with a bolt of fabric!

The client came for the first fitting and at this point I fit and adjust the dress to her liking. I make sure to make all the corrections on the paper pattern and finally cut the fashion fabric. 

In the end the client was very happy with her dress. However, the first version of the dress she wanted to be one piece for their wedding photos in Jamaica. When she came back to have her reception in USA she wanted the dress to be two separate pieces - a top and a skirt. To which I obliged and I made revisions and a made yet another dress version of the dress for her USA reception.

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