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First House - Made To Order and Vintage



























~~Welcome to First House Vintage and Handmade~~


Your first house is where it all begins, a snapshot of the sky at the moment of your first breath.  


First House is divided into two general categories.


1) Vintage - It can range from an article of clothing to a tapestry. All vintage items are at least 20 years or older.

2) Made To Order - Garments and accessories that are designed, patterned, draped, cut, and sewn by me.


It's been a long time comin but most of the garments/ pieces/ items were previously owned by me and come from my closet and now it is time to let them pass into the next phase of their journey. I've collected them from numerous vintage and antique shops around the USA and Europe; estate sales, and thrift shops, so they are not in brand new condition. I will describe them as best as possible and do not sell anything I would not wear myself. Just keep in mind that these are vintage and will show sign of normal wear.


These pieces are vintage-at least 20 years old and sizing varies from modern day sizing. This is why I include measurements and am happy to answer further questions about the pieces or send additional pictures. Also colors may vary slightly when conveyed on your computers, so any further questions are encouraged.Please if you have any question/ suggestions I would love your feed back!!  


Go to First House Vintagae + Handmade to browse and shop our handmade and vintage collections. 

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